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Revolutionary Scientific Japanese Technology Product

Is Katsuo Stamina the revolutionary scientific Japanese technology product?

Katsuo Stamina, is a scientific based Japanese sports nutrition supplement product. It is made suitable for extreme sports such as marathon, trail run, triathlon, hiking and cycling. Arctic Bonito extract (derived from skipjack tuna or bullet mackerel), presents pure & natural substances without any additives, preservatives and stimulants.  This product can promote the rapid breakdown of human lactic acid, in turn effectively alleviating the symptoms of muscle fatigue, soreness, cramps and other discomfort caused by lactic acid accumulation. It also effectively shortens training or recovery period after extreme activity.

Our human body has two major energy supply systems; namely aerobic and anaerobic. During sports activity, our body’s aerobic energy supply system plays a vital role. The glycogen in the body is broken down and causes the release of energy, thus assisting our body to not feel tired. However, when the intensity of the activity is increased (such as running a marathon), our aerobic energy supply system is far from meeting the needs of our body. To sustain energy supply, anaerobic system will be activated.

During the state of anaerobic energy supply, the glycogen in our body will not be completely broken down but instead induces the production of lactic acid. When the body cannot breakdown excessive lactic acid in time, it will cause a large accumulation of lactic acid. These excessive accumulations of lactic acid may cause our human body to suffer muscle fatigue, cramps and other symptoms that make our workouts difficult to sustain.

The main component of Katsuo Stamina is α-carnosine, which is a small molecule protein. When the carnosine molecule enters the blood, it will promote rapid synthesis of lactate dehydrogenase. Lactate dehydrogenase is an important substance which helps the breakdown of human lactic acid. The increase in the amount of lactate dehydrogenases can accelerate the breakdown of lactic acid in the body. In addition, it will promote re-cycling of lactic acid into releasing energy, thereby reducing the amount of lactic acid in the human body and alleviating any exhaustion related symptoms.

In general, Katsuo Stamina has three major modes of action:

  • Promotes the rapid breakdown of lactic acid in runners to avoid the accumulation of lactic acid and improving the ability to sustain endurance.
  • Maintains the athlete’s muscle condition, avoids muscle damage and improves muscle exercise endurance. When the human body is excessively exerted, the CK value (phospho-kinetic acid kinase) in the cells will be greatly increased. Reaching a certain level, CK will dissolve the cell membrane, causing cell damage. Katsuo Stamina can reduce the concentration of CK in the cells to avoid muscle damage and to prevent post activity muscle soreness.
  • Eliminate fatigue, avoid cramps and shorten the athlete’s recovery cycle.

In addition, many reports have shown that taking Katsuo Stamina can quickly restore physical fitness. For standard marathoner users, they recover and return to their normal fitness state at 80-90% the following day. For longer-distance and/or multi-day competition users, Katsuo Stamina has proven that it can maintain a low-level state of fatigue daily and it can restore about 80% of their normal fitness state the next morning. In summary, the recovery period after an activity is not more than two days.

Being an international brand, Katsuo Stamina has passed the stimulant testing and certification of the International Olympic Committee’s Doping Control Agency (LGC). Before entering the Chinese market, the product also passed the stimulant-free testing of the China Anti-Doping Center and this is the only brand in China that has passed the LGC testing certification.

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